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Fan Fiction Winners Announced

By WBH, 04/20/20, 11:30AM CDT


Fans Imagine Predictable Results in Unpredictable Circumstances

There were no games Friday or Saturday over the final scheduled weekend of the 2019/20 USHL regular season.  Nonetheless, the Waterloo Black Hawks won big and won often based on the Fan Fiction submitted by the faithful.

Last week, fans were encouraged to share their thoughts on what would have happened if Waterloo had met the Des Moines Buccaneers for a home-and-home series as originally planned.

Congratulations to Myke Goings and Cam Gibson, who submitted the co-winning entries, as determined by a panel of judges.  Myke and Cam will each receive a Black Hawks prize, as well as prizes from several Black Hawks sponsors.

Here are the winning entries…

Cam Gibson

Patrick Guzzo wins the faceoff back to Luke Bast where he then gets the puck up on the far side to Joey Cassetti 2-on-2. Cassetti gets a hard shot off on James Durham, but with a good glove save, he covers it. 

Then there’s a 2-on-1 with Griffin Ness and Ryder Rolston.  Ness gives a perfect pass to Rolston on the glove side of Durham, and Rolston takes a hard shot to the top right corner and scores!!! Ryder Rolston gets his 22nd goal of the season and the assist by the captain leading by example! 

Former Waterloo Black Hawk Ryan Drkulec lays a big hit on 5´ 9” Connor Caponi! Caponi gets right up and drops the gloves with Drkulec!  Caponi doesn’t let Drkulec get one punch in as Caponi wins the fight. 

With 5:38 left to go in the first period, the Hawks have a defensive draw that they need to win. Wyatt Schingoethe loses, and it goes back to the Buccaneer D.  They get a shot off, and Alex Lafferriere gets the tip to score under Gabriel Carriere´s blocker to make it 1-1. 

There’s one minute left in the first and Des Moines captain Nick Andrews has a breakaway and goes bar down to make it 2-1 after one period! 

Thirty seconds into the second, Michael Mancinelli scores on Carriere to make it 3-1. Two minutes later, Noah Ellis scores to make it 4-1. Logan Stein comes in to take over less than five minutes into the second. 

Going into the third, it’s still 4-1. With ten minutes left, Caponi scores on Durham, 5-hole! A minute and a half later, Xander Lamppa scores to make it 4-3! 

With two minutes left in regulation, the Hawks are down and pull Stein. Here comes the extra attacker out on the ice…5, 4, 3, Lamppa scores to tie it up with two seconds left! HERE COME THE HAWKS!!!! HERE COME THE HAWKS!!!!! 

The regulation buzzer sounds. We are going into overtime! 

Still 4-4 after overtime, now into the shootout, Cassetti is up…he scores!!! 

Mancinelli comes up and scores. 

Ness misses, Lafferrie scores.

Lamppa scores!!!!! Logan Anderson misses, and the shootout will continue. 

Rolston misses, Mason Nevers misses. 

Schingoethe Scores!!! Kristof Papp scores.

Guzzo misses,  Manuel Alberg mIsses. What a night for these goalies! 

Former Buccaneer Joey Strada is put out there; he goes in, fakes a shot and goes to the backhand and scores!!!!! 

Now Former Black Hawk Ryan Drkulec is up. He goes in and tries a between the legs and Carriere (back in the game) makes the save!!!! HAWKS WIN!!!!!! 

The final score is 5-4 Hawks.

Myke Goings

Friday night at Des Moines - As the Black Hawks were skating out for the start of the third period, a goalie fight broke out; both benches cleared and the Black Hawks won all fights. The Black Hawks won the game too, due to the Buccaneers having to forfeit because none of the Buccaneers' goalies were able to play after the fight, and their Zamboni driver wouldn't suit up to be the Buccaneers' goalie because he was scared.

Final score: Black Hawks 9, Des Moines 0

#1 Star - Gabe Carriere for his wicked fast left hand.
#2 Star - Logan Stein for always being ready to go.
#3 Star - Griffin Ness for his double hat trick and three assists.

Saturday night for the game at Young Arena - Des Moines was so humiliated by the Friday night game they decided not to travel to Waterloo.

Coach Peter Mannino stated in a press release, "I knew with today's game being played at Young Arena and Black Hawks' fans behind their team that our loss would be even greater than it was Friday night at Buccaneer Arena.”

Without a game and since they were already in the building, the Black Hawks' fans showed why Waterloo is called Party Town!

Final score: Black Hawks 1, Des Moines 0 (forfeit)

#1 Star - Black Hawks and arena staff for how fast they clean up the mess after each game.
#2 Star - The gentleman that gets $0.05 cans and bottles after the games because he lost a lot of income with the season ending early.
#3 Star - The service dogs and service dogs in-training that come to Black Hawks' games, because each season more and more of them are bringing their handlers out to games.